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Case reports play an important role in medical education. For every dental professional, learning from methods, techniques and knowledge of highly-skilled, experienced professionals can be extremely helpful. Whether you are an endodontics specialist or a general dental practitioner, whether you are already proficient in using the Self-Adjusting File System or you are new to the concept – this section of case reports can provide you valuable information.

If you are already using the SAF System, you are invited to share your cases with us, either by filling a contact form or by posting it on our Facebook forum.


Traumatized maxillary central incisor

  • gallery: 758

Slow-release CHX concept

  • gallery: 762

Irregular canal shape - mandibular molar

  • gallery: 764

Apical C-shape connection

  • gallery: 765

Maxillary central incisor

  • gallery: 766

Furcating mandibular premolar

  • gallery: 767

Sealer penetration in mandibular molar

  • gallery: 774

Dr. Alon Amit

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