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A Review of Instrumentation Kinematics of Engine-Driven Nickel Titanium Instruments

I. D. Çapar, and H. Arslan

International Endodontic Journal. 2016 Feb;49(2):119-35.



Over the years NiTi alloys have become indispensable materials in endodontic treatment. With technological advancements in metallurgy, manufacturers have attempted to produce instruments with enhanced features. In parallel with these developments, endodontic motors have undergone improvements in terms of torque control and kinematics that are adjustable in different directions. This review presents an overview of the advancements in instrumentation kinematics and the effect of instrumentation kinematics on root canal shaping procedures and instrument performance. A literature search for this narrative review was conducted in Google Scholar, Scopus, PubMed and Web of Science using the keywords ‘kinematics and endodontics’ and ‘reciprocation and endodontics’. In addition, historical literature was searched using the keyword ‘nickel titanium and endodontics’. Overall, 141 articles were included up to 2015.


View abstract on PubMed. PMID: 25630977
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