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SAF: Paving a Way to Minimal Invasive Endodontics

K. Bansal, R. Bansal

International Dental Journal of Students Research. 2015 Jul-Sept; 3(3):144-149


3D cleaning, shaping and obturation of root canals have always been the desired goal of endodontic Treatment which in many cases is difficult to attain. The introduction of NiTi rotary files made a major change in endodontic practice, making treatment easier, safer and faster. All these systems require several subsequent files. Recently, three different concepts of single file systems have been introduced:

  1. The single file reciprocating working motion
  2. Single file instrumentation using full 360 degrees rotational movement to be used in a full clockwise rotation
  3. The Self Adjusting File (SAF)

Nevertheless, after 16 Years of intensive development, most of these instruments still share several drawbacks, the major one being the inability to three dimensionally clean and shape oval root canals. The self-adjusting File (SAF) System was designed to overcome many of the current drawbacks of rotary file systems. In this article, we will review the SAF system and its uniqueness in working & its advantages over other systems.


The full article is available online: IDJSR website

Bansal SAF review 2015


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