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Evaluation of Four Instruments with Different Working Motion Using Artificial Plastic Model with C-shaped Single Canal

M. Sekiya, M. Maeda, I. Katsuumi, M. Igarashi

Odontology. 2018 Feb 10 [Epub ahead of publication]



The purpose of this study was to evaluate four instruments with different working motion for preparation of a C-shaped single canal wall using the same artificial plastic models reproduced from a human tooth. One tooth with root canal morphology C1 (the shape is an uninterrupted "C" with no separation or division) was selected among three-dimensional micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) imaging data of extracted human teeth. Imaging data were then converted into STL form data, and twenty-four C-shaped root canal model blocks were manufactured using this STL form data. These blocks were randomly divided into four groups of six blocks each and instrumented as follows: stainless steel K-files (SSK), Self-Adjusting File (SAF), ProTaper NEXT (PTN) and RECIPROC (REC). Micro-CT images taken before and after canal preparation were superimposed, and instrumented canal area, percentage of instrumented canal area, part of instrumented canal area, volume of instrumented canal and time taken for instrumentation were evaluated for each group. The greatest instrumented canal area, percentage of instrumented canal area and volume of instrumented canal were as follows (in decreasing order): SSK > SAF > PTN > REC (P < 0.05). The longest time taken for instrumentation was as follows (in decreasing order): SAF > SSK > PTN > REC (P < 0.05). The conscious shaping of SSK and the lattice structure of SAF were instrumented all root canal walls equally. PTN and REC required less time taken for instrumentation, but showed unequal instrumentation.


The full article is available for free on the website of Odontology.

sekiya odontology 2018 Nippon University Tokyo Japan


View abstract on PubMed. PMID: 29429057
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