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Micro-CT Assessment of The Shaping Ability of Four Root Canal Instrumentation Systems in Oval-shaped Canals

M.L. Zuolo, A.A. Zaia, F.G. Belladonna, E.J.N.L. Silva, E.M. Souza, M.A. Versiani, R.T. Lopes, G. De-Deus

International Endodontic Journal. 2018. 51(5):564-571


AIM: To compare the shaping ability of four root canal instrumentation systems in oval-shaped canals using micro-computed tomographic analysis. 

METHODOLOGY: Forty anatomically matched mandibular incisors were scanned and assigned to four groups (n = 10), according to the canal preparation protocol: BioRace, Reciproc, Self-Adjusting File (SAF) and TRUShape systems. After canal instrumentation, the specimens were re-scanned and the registered pre- and postoperative datasets were examined to evaluate the percentages of accumulated hard-tissue debris, untouched canal areas and dentine removed. Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney U tests with Bonferroni correction were used to compare the variables in the groups (α = 5%).

RESULTS: The preparation techniques did not affect the percentage of accumulated hard-tissue debris (P = 0.126). The percentage of untouched canal areas was significantly higher for BioRace (32.38%), and Reciproc (18.95%) with the SAF (16.08%) system having the least untouched area results (P < 0.05). The Reciproc system removed significantly more dentine (4.18%) compared to the BioRace (2.21%) and SAF (2.56%) systems (P < 0.05). The TRUShape system had intermediate results for both untouched canal areas (19.20%) and dentine removed (3.77%), with no significant difference compared to BioRace, Reciproc and SAF systems.

CONCLUSIONS: The preparation techniques resulted in the same level of accumulated hard-tissue debris. Compared to the other tested systems, BioRace was associated with more untouched canal areas, and Reciproc produced the greatest amount of removed dentine. Although it touched more of the root canal walls, the SAF system removed less dentine, whereas TRUShape had intermediate results for these same parameters. None of the systems tested were able to provide optimal shaping ability in oval-shaped canals.


The full article is available on ResearchGate:

Zuolo shaping 2017N



View abstract on PubMed. PMID: 28667674
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