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Self-Adjusting File Cleaning-Shaping-Irrigation System Improves Root-Filling Bond Strength

G. A. De-Deus, T. Accorsi-Mendonça, L. de Carvalho e Silva, C. A. Leite, D. da Silva, and E. J. Moreira

Journal of Endodontics. 2013 February; 39:254–7.


INTRODUCTION: The aim of the present study was to assess the bond strength of root fillings in oval-shaped canals prepared with the self-adjusting file (SAF) system.

METHODS: A careful specimen selection resulted in 2 equal groups, each consisting of 12 extracted mandibular canines with oval canals that had vital pulps before extraction. One group was subjected to the SAF protocol, and the other group underwent conventional protocol, which was the ProTaper system with syringe-needle irrigation. Full-strength sodium hypochlorite was used as an irrigant for both groups. The teeth were obturated in a standardized way, filled with a Lentulo spiral as the root filling, and then prepared for micropush-out assessment by using root slices of 1-mm thickness. Loading was performed on a universal testing machine at a speed of 0.5 mm/min-1. The student’s t test for pairwise comparisons was applied to assess the effect of each preparation technique on the push-out bond strength.

RESULTS: All specimens showed measurable adhesive properties to root dentin. In addition, no premature failure occurred. The group-by-location interaction was significant (P = .0071); thus, the group comparisons were dependent on the canal third. Overall, the push-out bond strength was the highest in the coronal third and the lowest in the apical third. SAF-prepared specimens displayed significantly higher bond strengths (P = .0012, 0.51–5.9 MPa).

CONCLUSIONS: The present study showed that SAF preparation markedly influenced root-filling push-out bond strength in oval-shaped canals. Further investigations are needed to provide a better understanding of the physicochemical modifications of the root dentin prepared with the SAF cleaning-shaping-irrigation system.


View abstract on PubMed. PMID: 23321240
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