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Anatomical Shaping

Respecting the natural anatomy, with minimally-invasive 3D adaptation, and quick vertical scrubbing motions - to touch as much as possible of the root canal walls, while preserving as much sound dentin as possible.

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Simultaneous Irrigation

Highly efficient cleaning and disinfection, in primary endodontics or re-treatment, through the synergistic effect of:

  • Simultaneous irrigation with advanced irritants

  • Suction of debris-carrying excess fluids

  • Vibration-induced irrigant agitation

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Superior Safety Thanks to The SAF’s Lattice Structure and Mode of Operation

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  • Virtually no lodging of broken files

  • No risk of dentinal micro-cracks

  • No risk of irrigant accidents

Advanced Revolutionary Handpiece and Wireless Transmitter

  • Single-use recyclable contra-angle handpiece.
  • Irrigant delivery through the handpiece, combined with intermittent suction.
  • Compatible with ISO-standard dental motors.
  • Wireless connection to the main control device.
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Optional Operation by a Cordless Motor

  • Eliminates the dependence on the dental unit.
  • Rechargable through its charging cradle.
  • Easy to use: Works at a constant speed.
  • Wirelessly coupled with the main device through a BlueTooth signal.
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Smart Control Center

Includes detachable irrigation and suction tanks with peristaltic pumps
Intuitive graphic user interface
Operation initiated by a wireless signal
Self-cleaning mechanism for easy maintenance
Operates on rechargeable batteries
Combination with Dual Rinse HEDP, for highly efficient irrigation

Personal Online Instructional Workshop

A “Course in a Box”, including 3D teeth replicas and trial instruments, as well as a comprehensive video learning experience – make learning how to use the SAF System fun and easy.


Comprehensive Complementary Materials

A complete endodontic experience is accomplished through a set of glidepath instruments, paper points, Gutta-percha cones and a Bio-Ceramic sealer, offered to enhance your SAF experience.

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